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ServiceNow is the backbone of General Electric’s IT processes and requests. On a daily basis there are up to 15,000 users working on request tickets all around the world. For a long time, this tool had received little attention and was behind on multiple critical updates. The lack of updates left it with potential security risks. It was imperative to modernize the ServiceNow instance as soon as possible. The goals of the UX team were to improve its usability, improve the user interfaces, help promote ServiceNow and try to keep the system out of the box as much as possible (no over customization).

GEIT ServiceNow User Experiences

In order to solve the challenges at hand, first we started to interview users across multiple GE businesses so we could understand how they interacted with ServiceNow. We asked them show us how they work with the tool. The sessions were recorded in order to analyze and get a sense of what common issues they were experiencing. We grouped users into personas that helped us catalog the type of work they did and issues that they were facing. We leveraged email to distribute surveys about features we thought would be beneficial.

On of the biggest findings we had was that the tool’s navigation was convoluted and presented the most trouble for all our personas. To fix this, we created site maps to investigate and try to simplify its structure. We remove unnecessary and broken pages. This event helped us map out the item and service requests page flows better.

Using agile methodology, we worked in 2 week sprints to implement the best ideas. We reiterated the user interface as we discovered pain points and opportunities. To this day, there is an ongoing process to make the tool better and to be able to automate certain aspects as well as making upgrades faster. We developed training materials for experienced users and new users with the goal of reducing the learning curve of this robust tool

Original Version of ServiceNow FLow System Wireframes User Research communications Page Testing Analytics and Demographics

The ServiceNow upgrade and redesign has been a success in many ways. We have been able to cut upgrading time to a new instance from 6-8 months to 2-3 weeks. Adding features can be done within one or two sprints instead of months. Visually, ServiceNow looks a lot more polished and the users have adopted the new UI very well. We keep open channels of communication with our user base to adjust on the fly. Our work is not done, but we keep improving a little every day.

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