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The Business Backer was in a desperate need to modernize their website. They were having issues with mobile responsive forms and pages. They couldn’t make copy and layout changes because they didn’t have access to their content management system or source code.

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During my first site audit, I discovered that none of their digital products had executed best practices for accessibility and search engine optimization. It was my mission to improve every aspect of their digital product and rebuild their brand image.

First thing I did was develop the look, tone and feel of the site. I worked with the marketing manager to ensure it reflected the marketing team efforts. I focused on brand’s voice, iconography, imagery, etc. as I was given full creative control of the brand. I created branding guides that could be used across the entire organization and reflected the values that the company has. The next step was choosing the right CMS for the site (and the company). Based on research and our developers capabilities, we used Wordpress with Visual Composer.

The site had a massive overhaul that made the pages mobile friendly, added proper fonts and hierarchy.The layout changed, making it more legible and visually appealing.

I wanted to build a more unified experience for our users across mutiple channels besides the site. Using the tone and feel from the site, I developed new mobile responsive emails, blog posts and all sorts of digital assets.

Business Backer Email Campaigns New Layout New Layout CRBF Microsite Business Backer Mobile

Within a few months of the relaunch we started to see an increase in traffic and our web scored jumped 15%. We were able to start doing A/B testing using Optimizely’s plugin for Wordpress. We reduced the amount of production time for new marketing campaigns and the company could update the site as needed without having to pay extra to an external agency. The new site alowed us to gather better data about our customers using Google Analytics and their campaign features. Overall the project was a success and to this day, the company is still using the branding and assets that I created for them.

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