GE CoreTech Redesign

In the midst of changes within the business and the product offerings within CoreTech, a group of user experience designers were tasked to update the previous incarnation of site. we were given the task to make a site that would stand against competitors outside General Electric, make it more intuitive to navigate and make it visually appealing.

CoreTEch mobile and desktop

At the beginning of the project, we researched successful websites from competitors and other big conglomerates. We wanted to understand how other companies approached the problem. During the research phase, we discovered that site had a big navigational problem. It used “mega menus” all across the site. These menus were great when they were used on desktops, but on any smaller screen they were cumbersome. We discovered that a lot of the pages were missing data or the links to reach them were not working. This potentially would have negative impact on the site’s SEO. Our user research demonstrated that it was hard to navigate and they were not sure how to reach the page/information they sought.

CoreTech Wireframes CoreTech mockups Whiteboard Session Sitemap example

We worked on a solution that addressed these problems with the goal to make a website that could compete outside GE. We created assets and full fleshed mock ups. Sadly, due to changes in priorities and lack of development resources the project was scrapped. On the positive site we have a site ready whenever we need it and it served as a good exercise.

WebView Webpage mobile version CoreTech Desinged CoreTech Mockup CoreTech Mockup Catalog CoreTech Mockup Mobile CoreTech Mockup Mobile

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